Why Plan Ahead?

Planning ahead is something we do for all major events in our life, such as graduation, college, weddings, having children, buying a house, and retirement.  Planning ahead for your funeral is no different.

Take Control

Pre-planning is all about ensuring that your wishes are known, so they can be acted upon when the time comes. The reasons to plan ahead are many…

- It’s for everyone. There’s no health questionnaire or physical exam required. Absolutely anyone can pre-plan. 

- It’s easy.  Once the plan is completed, it will be put on file in our office. There is no waiting for return documents.

- It’s portable.  Your Erlewein Mortuary & Crematory plan will go where you go. No matter where you live at the time of your passing, no matter what mortuary you choose to work with, your plan will be transferable to any mortuary in the United States.

- It lets your family clearly know your wishes.

- It can be a good investment, if you choose to pre-pay your funeral via life insurance or a trust. 

Four Simple Steps

We believe there are four simple steps to planning a funeral: recording biographical information, selecting services and merchandise, planning for the payment of those services and merchandise, and informing your family.  Whether you complete one or all four of these steps, our staff is here to help guide you through the process – ensuring your wants and needs are met.

• Step 1…Recording Biographical Information – The Story of Your Life

Capturing a lifetime on paper isn’t always the easiest thing to do, especially when you have just lost a loved one.
We’ll help pull together important information and create the story that is your loved one’s life. 

How can I plan ahead?
Contact us and ask for a free copy of “Planning Guide for Funeral & Memorial Wishes”…a comprehensive worksheet that will help you gather information your family will need to know.

• Step 2…Selecting Services and Merchandise – Making it Personal

Deciding whether you’ll have a traditional or contemporary service, a live musician or recorded music, a dove or balloon release, an evening or daytime service, simple snacks or a catered meal…there are many decisions to be made and many opportunities to consider how you will honor and celebrate life.

How can I plan ahead?
Contact us and ask to meet with a Funeral Director to discuss the multitude of options available – no matter if you choose burial or cremation.  During this meeting, you may choose to select merchandise, such as a casket, vault, headstone, urn, stationery, and clothing.  We’ll help you make decisions that reflect your life and your style.

• Step 3…Planning for the Payment

Many mortuaries charge you to file life insurance claims.  At Erlewein Mortuary & Crematory, our Funeral Directors will file your assigned life insurance claims for you---without adding a fee or charging a percentage to your bill.  If you do not plan to use life insurance, we also accept checks, money orders, cash, and credit cards.  Read “Does Preplanning Require Payment?” for information on easily setting up a trust with our help.

How can I plan ahead?
Contact us and ask to establish an irrevocable funeral trust to set aside money for your funeral.  It can be accomplished simply with the help of our Funeral Directors.  Your mind will be set at ease and your family will thank you.

• Step 4...Informing Your Family

One of the most important things you can do is to let your family or next-of-kin know that you’ve taken steps toward your funeral plans. If you complete any of these steps with us, we’ll create a file and keep copies of all the information, so your family does not have to search for it at your time of death. Some people choose to keep the information with their attorney and their will…just remember that the will may not be read until days after the funeral is over.

How can I plan ahead? Check out "Have the Talk of a Lifetime" above to start the conversation with your loved ones.

Does Pre-planning Require Pre-payment? 

Absolutely not. You can preplan your funeral by recording your wishes and leave payment arrangements to your family at the time of your passing.  There’s never an obligation or charge to use our preplanning tool or to meet with one of our Funeral Directors to discuss preplanning and get your questions answered.

If you’d like, you can choose to prepay your funeral by taking out a life insurance policy or setting up a trust.  Our Funeral Directors can set up a trust for you very simply.  If you have life insurance designated to cover your funeral expenses, you’ve already taken an important step in the preplanning process.

When you choose to prepay your funeral expenses by setting up a trust with Erlewein Mortuary & Crematory, your money is put in an irrevocable trust account that belongs to you.  Once your funeral expenses are prepaid in full, your family won’t owe any more for the goods and services you have already paid for – no matter how much they cost in the future.

Still have questions? 

We’re always available to help however we can...anytime, day or night.  Call us at (317) 467-4918 to get answers to your questions or to set a time to meet with a Funeral Director at our Greenfield mortuary or at your home.  There’s never any obligation or pressure – just answers to your questions.

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