• Burial & Cremation Caskets

    Burial & Cremation Caskets

    Erlewein Mortuary & Crematory is proud to offer our families the finest in burial and cremation caskets. We invite you to review our selection prior to meeting with a member of our staff for the arrangement conference.  Many caskets can be personalized to reflect hobbies or other interests.

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  • Outer Burial Containers

    Outer Burial Containers

    Erlewein Mortuary & Crematory offers quality outer burial containers (also referred to as "vaults").  Look through our selection here before meeting with one of our Licensed Funeral Directors.  There are many options for personalizing containers, as well.

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  • Urns & Urn Vaults

    Urns & Urn Vaults

    We have a vast number of cremation urns and urn vaults to choose from that pay tribute to a personal hobby, profession, or style.  When it comes to choosing an urn or urn vault, the possibilities are nearly limitless.

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  • Keepsakes & Jewelry

    Keepsakes & Jewelry

    Keeping a constant connection with your loved one is possible when you incorporate their memory into a keepsake or a custom piece of jewelry.  Whether you choose burial or cremation, ask us how we can help keep your loved one close to your heart.

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  • Monuments


    With options for both burial and cremation, learn the basics of selecting the perfect monument, marker, or crypt. Design a headstone that meets both your needs and your style. Find comfort in having a dedicated place to remember and honor.

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  • Make It Personal

    Make It Personal

    Your loved one is unique – their personality, their passion, their contributions to life. Acknowledge that uniqueness by honoring their life with a Remembrance Video, personalized printed products, and a Memorial Website.  It's a true act of love – for them, for you, and for all those who knew them.

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