Headstones – A Permanent Memorialization

An old monk was once asked why he cared for ancient graves, and why he cleaned the stones to preserve the writings carved there. His reply was simple: “They still have their names. They will always have their names.” - Gregory and Suzanne Wolfe

A Consistent Place of Healing

A Consistent Place of Healing

Headstones, crypts, and markers can be designed to memorialize the place where a loved one’s body or ashes have been laid to rest. They provide a focal point for future generations and establish a lasting, historical reference to your life. We’ll help you add personal touches to your memorial, such as color etchings or photographs, unique shapes, or even your autograph. Read below to learn two easy steps to selecting a headstone, crypt, or marker that will be a beautiful, permanent reminder of your significance in this world.

Step One: Meet with us to discuss the “Basics” of the memorial you wish to design. As a result of this meeting - without any fees or obligation - we will prepare a color sketch (except on stock plans) and a quote for the price of the memorial, so you will know exactly what the memorial will look like and how much it will cost.

Step Two: Meet to review the color sketch and make any changes or additions. Once you are pleased with the sketch, we will take care of the rest - from ordering the granite and foundation to having it delivered and set.

It's that easy. Let us know how we can help you get started designing the perfect monument, marker, or crypt.